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Competent and Compassionate Legal Help When You're Considering Divorce

The decision to end a marriage is a difficult one, even for couples who are very unhappy together. It will change almost every area of your life; sometimes in ways you don't expect.

Many couples go into divorce wanting to work things out in a friendly manner, believing that they can reach agreement. Despite good intentions, that doesn't always happen. Emotions are stirred up, tempers flare, and what began as a conversation ends in a shouting match. That's why it's valuable to work with an experienced Charlotte divorce lawyer right from the start.

Separation before Divorce

In North Carolina, you can't get divorced until you have been legally separated for one year. This means that divorce begins with a separation agreement defining how financial issues and child custody will be handled during the year leading to the divorce.

  • How will the mortgage get paid? Who will have which car?
  • Who will have custody, and who will have visitation? And, how much visitation?
  • How will you file taxes?

These are all issues that must be part of a separation agreement.

North Carolina Divorce

Family court requires mediation whenever a child custody or equitable distribution lawsuit has been filed. At Tom Bush Law Group, we are active participants in that process, gathering evidence and providing counsel to ensure our clients' interests are protected. Many cases do not get resolved in mediation, but the effort is often worthwhile because it helps to define issues and areas of agreement.

Property division is a significant area of disagreement. The most important first step is getting an accurate assessment of the family assets. For those with large estates, this will require the help of financial experts and forensic economists. Valuing personal property, businesses, and pensions is complex. And every asset is not the same when it comes to taxation. Your agreement on alimony may be affected by a decision about property division as well.

At Tom Bush Law Group, our attorneys are assertive advocates for our clients' interests in negotiation, mediation, and litigation in divorce court. When you know that your divorce will be complex, contact the experienced Charlotte divorce lawyers at Tom Bush Law Group.