Why Should I Hire a Child Support Lawyer?

Why Should I Hire a Child Support Lawyer?

Many people think that the laws in place, for child support, will protect your rights. This can be a tricky thought because they do protect your rights but you need to know the court rules/procedures to help you get what you deserve.

Child support, both emotional and financial, are the moral and legal obligation of both parents to their children until they become adults. While you may want to proceed without the help of a lawyer, many people would suggest you use a lawyer for help. You may worry about the cost of a lawyer but in the long run you will greatly benefit from their help.

In the state of North Carolina, there are certain child support guidelines in place to calculate the appropriate child support amount. A North Carolina lawyer that is familiar with these guidelines can help be sure to include all parts that are needed to determine the child support amount. There are different guidelines for low-income parents versus high-income parents. Even if a parent falls in the low-income group, there are reserves that can help these parents meet their child support payments. This is not offered to parents that fall in the high-income group. When parents fall in the high-income group, sometimes the court has to deviate from the child support guidelines to make sure they give a reasonable standard amount. During this time, the court will take into consideration the child’s education, health, maintenance, and being sure to continue the standard of living the child has grown accustomed to.

Parents can also seek out to modify the set child support amount but need to remember that the current order will continue until the modification has been approved. If a parent has gone through a change in income, time arrangement, or other significant change then the order will need to be reviewed. However, keep in mind that the court will search to make sure the parent asking for the modification is not trying to get out of paying their support payment.

If a parent has not or is refusing to pay the set child support payment, there is cause for the court to enforce payments. There are different ways they will go about getting the payment such as jail time or garnishing wages.

Obtaining a lawyer that is familiar with these guidelines will help you get the child support set by the court. The lawyers will know what other cases they can use that will help your case and which laws are best to use. It is important to have a lawyer if the other parent has one in order to protect your rights. When you find the right lawyer, they may know what the judge’s preferences are and how to present your case to gain approval.

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