TBLG Donates to Larry King's Clubhouse with Books!

Do you remember a particular book as a child? “Charlotte’s Web,” “Where the Child Things Are,” “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” and “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” were some of my favorites. Can you imagine being able to share that book with a boy or girl in our community? Perhaps a boy or girl who might not otherwise experience the joy of reading that favorite book of yours?

Larry King's Clubhouse (LKC) is a free, drop-in child care center in the courthouse for kids between the ages of six weeks and twelve years whose family members are conducting business in the courthouse or who are serving as jurors. LKC also hosts children who are at the courthouse as witnesses, who are victims of child neglect, or who are at the courthouse for a custody proceeding. As a part of their services, LKC strives to give a new book to every child they host and they need 4,000 books to make that happen!

The Mecklenburg Bar Foundation is at this moment in the middle of a book drive to help LKC meet this outstanding goal! Men and women of the Tom Bush Law Group have donated books and directly to the LKC. Want to get involved? Here's how:

  • Donate new books (preferably board books for early readers) next time you visit the Bar & Foundation Center (including the Annual Meeting on May 18th)
  • LKC can order new books through the National Book Bank for just $.75 per book. Click here to donate now!
  • Spread the word!!! Everyone loves to help children learn to read. Forward the links above to your friends and your family. Encourage them to help LKC change children’s lives.
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