Oscar Cavanaugh
Part-Time Greeter, Full-Time Goodest Boy


Oscar is a five year old French Bulldog who was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Oscar is a frequent visitor at Tom Bush Law Group where his mom, Suzanne, is an associate attorney. Oscar attended Wake Forest School of Law and sat for the North Carolina Bar(k) exam, which he passed with flying colors!

During his visits to the firm, Oscar enjoys greeting visitors, getting belly rubs, and begging Tom Bush for snacks. Oscar’s passions include treats, short walks through Dilworth, and Oxford commas. Oscar prefers peanut butter over jelly and Lexis over Westlaw. His personal motto is “Never back down from a fight, unless it is with a cat because they are mean.” Oscar is a Leo but he is not sure what that means because he is a dog.

If you would like to meet Oscar, you are most likely to find him working on Thursdays or Fridays.